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PLEASE, provide the following information when posting:

Program: Which program did you use when you created these icons? PS? PSP? Gimp? Other?

That is very improtant when people want to help you!

One more thing, if you post an entry, PLEASE, use the tags (as mentioned in the rules)!! It's important that people can look around better!!
Don't know how? Just ask us! No problem!
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Hi there! I just joined this community and I was wondering if I could get any feedback/criticism on some of my icons. I use PS7.

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ok so i hope i can post this here if not any links to the right comms are welcomed.

I've started an elephant and apart from tidying up and a background something else is missing, i just cant seem to see what exactly, hopefully some one here can.

Made using: cs3, wacome tablet, I used a cineworld magazine as my reference image, comet brushes from photoshop creative magazine #39.

*Converted to RBG 16 bit @300dpi from CYMK 16 bit @300dpi for web browsers*

To view orriginal CYMK document download: http://www.box.net/shared/8b2k95zdi2

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feedback please :D?

Many have told me I have grown as an iconist, but not many people seem to use my icons so I want to know what I can do to make them better!

I use Photoshop CS (:

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63 icons

JoJo // Clémence Poésy // Emma Watson



Tell me what you think.

It's the first header I've made that I feel is decent. Outside opinions never hurt, though!
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Thanks for the feedback. :D

My Icon Making Trouble


As a note, I have been using dtissagirl guide to Aspect Ratios for dummies. However, I am still having problems, just with cropping. As a note, I use Adobe Photoshop 4.0 I would love to know how to make my cropping better. I just seem to keep missing it up and again. Text is often a problem for me.

PROS - Icon making

Over all coloring and texture use

CONS - Icon making


Icon Samples :

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Website Header

I made this header for my Peter/Claire fansite using Photoshop CS2 and I would love some feedback. I'd appreciate any and all concrit.

The manip was made by literarylemming.

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Models - Shemar Moore - John Rhys Meyers


Like always I can add text!

don't hotlink, don't alter, credit is nice, comments are love, have fun

More you can find here at forbiddenroads

I love constructive critics!

Mar. 22nd, 2008

This isn't an icon set, but it is a divider I would like to put on my website. The text will be inserted on the inside of the mirror (welcome to . . . and other information.)


Helpy :)

So, I'm fairly new at making icons and even though I follow tutorials, I always manage to pick the wrong one for a picture like mine... Anyway, I was experimenting and came up with this. Does it look okay? or does he look sick?

Opinions wanted =)

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