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Important posting information

PLEASE, provide the following information when posting:

Program: Which program did you use when you created these icons? PS? PSP? Gimp? Other?

That is very improtant when people want to help you!

One more thing, if you post an entry, PLEASE, use the tags (as mentioned in the rules)!! It's important that people can look around better!!
Don't know how? Just ask us! No problem!
And feel free to create new tags if your kind of graphic or any program is not in the tags yet! But... Just graphic and program tags, NO fandom tags here!

AU Bingo: ALT Fandom Musical Theatre

Originally posted by kristianabel22 at AU Bingo: ALT Fandom Musical Theatre
This picture is for my au_bingo prompt "ALT Fandom Musical Theatre", obviously I've paired Adam with The Phantom of the Opera. I hope you like this picture, its not hand drawn its a manip then with a layers of filters and colour alterations, remember comments equal love <3


Mark Salling/Puck!!!

Originally posted by kristianabel22 at Mark Salling/Puck!!!
Any comments would be greatly welcomed to this piece of art plus any others that are on my journal plus any tips you can give me to help better my work and Photoshop skills.



Mockingjay wallpapers

I've recently downgraded from Photoshop to GIMP and I've been experimenting with coloring because when I used Photoshop, I usually used gradient maps but so far I haven't seen that feature in GIMP. So I'm trying some different things.

I'm also a little bit obsessed with The Hunger Games trilogy and made a wallpaper with two versions of coloring. I would really appreciate any feedback, any areas for improvement. I realized after rendering that the sky is a little grainy so I'm going to fix that later and I'm just focusing on effects and coloring right now so they're textless.

*** Mockingjay spoilers *** Collapse )

Header Opinions?

I'm back, and looking for input on a couple of headers I've made. You've always been so helpful in the past. =D

Weapon of choice: Photoshop 7.0

has it really been this long?Collapse )


Uh... I normally finish icons quite quickly and am satisfied with the result... For some reason, this icon lacks... something. And I spent nearly  half an hour failing with it, lamo. Am I doing something wrong? Too dark? Blurry? Words too large? 

I could really do with some opinions... Maybe it's the cropping. Bluerg icon making can sometimes be annoying. =/ 

Thnx in advance. I use PS3 by the way...


Insight Needed

Using Photoshop CS3

Random IconsCollapse )

I'm just wondering why some users are getting more comments than me ... when it looks like all they do is crop and add text ...


Constructive criticism please......

I've been doing this graphic making thing for a while but I've never gotten any criticism on anything.
I guess everyone I know is too nice, but yeah I'm just looking for constructive criticism :)
Thanks in advanced!

Program: Photoshop 7.0

Graphics under the cutCollapse )

Graphic Feedback

I'm using PhotoshopCS3

I'd like to know what I'm doing wrong, to not having them catching user's eyes and possibly what I can change :)

and I have more Under the CutCollapse )

Constructive critism please......

I'm using Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0
PS. those lyrics for my "cut" or link was the great escape by boys like girls ...


Throw it away Forget yesterday We'll make the great escape We won't hear a word they say Collapse )